We were the first company to be accredited for our inspection activity and in the wind energy sector by ENAC −a renowned accreditation agency− under accreditation number 358/EI575.

The inspection services within the scope of this accreditation include lifelines, service lifts and chain hoists. PPE and climb assist systems are not within the scope of such accreditation.

We are accredited pursuant to standard UNE–EN ISO/ IEC 17020, which set outs the main requirements to be fulfilled by an inspection entity to deliver sound and reliable results. Such requirements include:

  • Staff know-how
  • Valid and adequate inspection methods
  • Adequate and well-maintained inspection equipment
  • Traceability, when necessary
  • Sampling, handling and identification of inspected components
  • Data, reporting and inspection certification quality assurance


Our company holds the following additional certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

The scope of such certifications is as follows:

“Maintenance, inspection and installation, repair service and supply of spare parts, training courses and post-sales service in the fields of lifting, personal safety and height fall protection systems”.