Electrical Hoists

Wind turbines are fitted with an electric hoist installed in the nacelle, which is absolutely necessary to hoist both tools and heavy spare parts.

The good state of operation of these machines is crucial for repair and maintenance work in wind turbines. Otherwise, lifting spare parts and tools to the top may become a burdensome task that sometimes can be even impossible using traditional methods. On the other hand, stops may take longer having a negative impact on production.

Manufacturers specify that lift inspections should be performed once a year and, depending on how intensively they are used, within shorter periods.

Thanks to our inspection and maintenance work, our customers’ lifting and hoisting equipment can always work in optimal conditions.

Scope of our services

  1. Regular inspection as per OEM specifications.
  2. Inspections following OEM requirements.
  3. Installation.
  4. Mechanical and electrical repair work.
  5. Preventive work.
  6. Ongoing upgrade to OEM best practices.
  7. Individual certification for each hoisting equipment.
  8. 8. Specific reporting upon customer request.

Ooutcomes of our intervention

At Kreitton we offer a top-notched technical service that adds value to our customers’ business.

  • Extended hoisting equipment life.
  • Highest use safety.
  • High availability for reduced downtime.
  • Detailed information of the state of each lift and hoisting equipment.
  • Quick and efficient document management.