Wind turbines are equipped with fixed servicing points to access any part of the tower or the nacelle. If there is a service lift in place, these servicing points can be used either for access or as an escape way in case of breakdown of the lift.

Most towers and ladders are fitted with stiff cable lifelines or a guardrail (UNE EN 353-1). Users can connect to them through a sliding fall protection device as they move along, in order to minimise the consequences of falling.

Scope of our services

  1. Installation:
    • Projects adapted to the specific characteristics of the environment and our customers’ needs.
    • Materials supply.
    • Training on how to use the installation.
  2. Maintenance:
    • Regular annual inspection as per Directive 89/656/EEC and standard UNE EN 365, in full compliance with OEM specific criteria.
    • Supply and repair of faulty components.
  3. Issuance of certificate of suitability for each lifeline after our intervention.
  4. Technical advice adapted to our customers’ specific situation.

Outcomes of our intervention

By relying on Kreitton you are choosing a good quality service supported by our know-how and safety expertise, which adds value to your business.

  • Safety warranty for your installations.
  • Ongoing technical upgrades as required by OEMs.
  • Quick and efficient document management.