Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The staff working in wind turbines are fully fitted with PPE for fall protection. Wearing this equipment is mandatory in most work situations. PPE is normally subjected to heavy use in aggressive environments where they are exposed to oil and grease and intense friction during climbing. For that reason, observing the use and maintenance instructions contained in the OEM manuals is very important, in addition to a good level of attention by users.

Scope of our services

  1. 1. Annual PPE and rescue equipment regular inspection by qualified staff, as per UNE EN 365:
    • Helmets
    • Harnesses
    • Energy absorbers
    • Slipping anti-fall devices onto lifelines
    • Anchorage elements
    • Descent equipment
    • Slings
    • Ropes
    • Anchorage points
    • Rescue equipment
  2. After-fall inspection
  3. PPE individual suitability certification
  4. Advice to select the best equipment for each situation

Outcomes of our intervention

At Kreitton we have a strong focus on our safety and that of our customers, while seeking to cause the lowest impact possible on their productive processes.

  • Maximum safety guarantee for PPE users.
  • Minimum lost time as we travel to the users’ workplace for onsite inspections.
  • Quick and efficient document management.
  • Immediate certification given to user after inspection.